Monday, November 13, 2006

La Donna Invisibile (1969)

Another request I really don't know much about. Oh well, the score is very nice, so here it is.

01 - La donna invisibile
02 - Ritratto d'auto
03 - Silenziosamente
04 - Eros profondo
05 - In un sogno il
06 - Mille ricordi
07 - Alla serenita
08 - La moda
09 - Un bacio
10 - Incontro trasve
11 - Ritratto d'autor
12 - Alla serenita
13 - La moda (alt1)
14 - La moda (alt2)


Ennio Morricone - Veruschka (1971)

This is the Point Records release of Franco Rubartelli's Veruschka - poesia di una donna. I don't really know anything at all about this movie, but since it was requested I thought i might as well post it. Plus, its one of them sensual scores typical of Morricone. Enjoy!

01. Veruschka
02. Intervallo i
03. La bambola
04. Astratto i
05. La spiaggia
06. Dopo l'intervista
07. Poesia di una donna
08. Le fotografie
09. La bambola
10. Intervallo ii
11. Magia
12. Astratto iii
13. Veruschka
14. Astratto ii

Download. (Megaupload from now on - see if it works better.)


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