Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chi l'ha vista morire? (1972)

Who Saw Her Die is one of the better giallos imo. It seem people either hate or love this flick, there's no middle thing. Starring George Lazenby and Anita Strindberg as the pair who's trying to track down the murderer of their child, Morricone used a childrens choir for the soundtrack, something that works very effectively. Its a typical example of Morricone-genious of the time. These mp3's is from the CEM EP originating from 1979 I believe. Digitmovies released the soundtrack on CD in mid-july this year (same tracks as on the LP release), if you love this score I strongly urge you to buy that release.

1. Chi L'Ha Vista Morire?
2. No Ghe' Piu' Bel Cantar Della Sera
3. La Bela Riposava
4. Il Girotondo Delle Note
5. La Mia Mama
6. Il Gioco Delle Vocali
7. Dindon Campanon
8. El Primo Baso
9. Canto Della Campana Stonata
10. Solo Grida


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bonus #3: The Best Of Stelvio Cipriani

Since there seem to be no real release of Cipriani's La Polizia Chiede Aiuto soundtrack mentioned in the previous post, here's a little something to give you a taste of it. This compilation CD was included in NoShame Films (love that company!) Luciano Ercoli Death Box Set (Death Walks On High Heels). The CD contains three tracks from La Polizia Chiede Aiuto; track 7 and 10 is named like that, but cue nr 5 (originally from La Polizia Sta A Guardare) is also featured in that movie. Rest of the tracks is from Cipriani scores for a few different crime films. Well worth a download.

1. Papaya (from ''la polizia ha le mani legate'')
2. Mark il poliziotto suite (from ''mark il poliziotto'')
3. Alfredo, salomone e il grimaldello (from ''cara sposa'')
4. Love theme (from ''l'ispettore anticrimine'')
5. Titles (from ''la polizia sta a guardare'')
6. St michel (from ''dedicato a una stella'')
7. Chase (from ''la polizia chiede auto'')
8. Un regalo per pasqualino (from ''cara sposa'')
9. Emily's studio (new edit) (from ''il medaglione insanguinato'')
10. Titles (from ''la polizia chiede aiuto'')
11. Masquerade (from ''incubo sulla citta contaminata'')
12. Titles (from ''due cuori e una capella'')
13. Chase (from ''la polizia ha le mani legate'')
14. Sotto i ponti di parigi (from ''dedicato a una stella'')
15. Astaroth (from ''malocchio'')
16. Investigation (from ''la polizia ha le mani legate'')
17. Turning point (from ''la polizia sta a guardare'')
18. Bloody love (from ''malocchio'')


Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? (1972)

One of the best giallos ever made, Massimo Dallamano's Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? (What Have You Done To Solange?) is a pure joy to watch. The late Aristide Massaccesi, more commonly known as Joe D'Amato, is the cinematographer, and some of the footage in this movie is indeed beautiful to say the least. The score is Morricone at his best too! Dallamano's sequel, La Polizia chiede Aiuto (What Have They Done To Our Daughters, 1974) is equally great, and features a soundtrack composed by Stelvio Cipriani that has yet to be released, short of a two-track LP released in 1974 and one or two tracks on compilation CD's, which is a real shame.

1. Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange
2. Raccapriccio
3. Anche Un Quartetto Per Lei
4. Una Tromba E La Sua Notte
5. C'รจ Qualcuno Qui
6. Cadenze
7. Aleatorio
8. Aleatorio Secondo
9. Ostinazione Al Limone
10. Altre Cadenze
11. Pensierosamente
12. Fragile Organetto
13. Fine Di Solange


Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? (1967)

Scusi, Facciamo L'amore (Excuse Me, Let's Make Love among other english titles) was one of few movies directed by Vittorio Caprioli. With appearances as an actor in titles such as Godard's Tout Va Bien (1972) and a few erotic comedies starring the beautiful Edwige Fenech (L' Insegnante/The Sexy School Teacher to name just one), Caprioli is probably more known to people as an actor. This score is a typical Morricone product.

1. Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore? (Original Single Version Side A)
2. A Lidia (Original Single Version Side B)
3. Between The Sheets
4. From Bed To Worse
5. Take Me Now
6. Dog Up A Tree
7. A Lidia
8. To The Altar And Back
9. After the party
10. Passion Play
11. Reprise
12. Lay Down, I Think I Love You
13. Various Troubles
14. Knowing The "Ins" And "Outs"
15. A Lidia
16. Two Cigarettes
17. The Big One
18. Scusi, Facciamo L'Amore?
19. A Lidia (Finale)


Saturday, August 26, 2006

A few notes...

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Bonus #2 Update

It seems there has been releases of the complete Emanuelle In America soundtrack, including the Armonium song. Infact, ScoreBaby Annex just posted it. Head over there if you wish to download. :)

Il Grande Silenzio (1968)

One of the best non-Leone westerns ever made, Il Grande Silenzio (The Great Silence) stars Klaus Kinski as a bounty hunter in the snowbound Utah mountains. Jean-Louis Trintignant plays the mute gunman whos hired to take revenge on him. If you havn't seen this movie, I strongly recommend it. The setting, snowy mountains rather than the common desert landscapes, is only one thing that enhances the mood of this flick, and Morricone's score is wonderful and on-the-spot. Corbucci supposedly shot this movie without sound (voices were later dubbed), a fact that does not degrade the quality. Enjoy ppl!

1. Il Grande Silenzio (Restless)
2. Passaggi Nel Tempo
3. El L Amore Verra
4. Barbara E Tagliente
5. Prima Che Volino I Corvi
6. Immobile
7. Viaggio
8. Voci Nel Deserto
9. Gli Assassini E La Madre
10. Invito All Amore
11. Ne Vecchio Saloon (Silent Love)
12. L Ultimo Gesto
13. Dopo Il Martirio
14. Nuddu
15. Sensi
16. Buio Mattirio
17. Ancora Pi - Dolcemente
18. Nuddu (Vocal)


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Navajo Joe (1966)

Yet another western. This time from Sergio Corbucci, which is imo, next to Sergio Leone, the Maestro of the italian western. Corbucci directed classics like The Great Silence (Il Grande Silenzio, 1968) and Companeros (Vamos A Matar, Companeros!, 1970), which is both on my top-10 list. This somewhat early entry, Navajo Joe, is not one of his best however. Track 3 in the score will be familiar to fans of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, as Tarantino featured it on the soundtrack.

1. Titoli di Testa
2. Pelli Conciate e Pelli Morte
3. Il Profilo del Destino
4. Il Saloon Pyote
5. Una Storia Indiana
6. Verso Esperanza
7. Il Bandito Prende il Trene
8. Ma Joe Dice No
9. La Fine di Barbara, e il Ritorno di Joe
10. Paura e Silenzio
11. Il Navajo e Prigionero
12. Guarendo le Ferite
13. Addio a Fratello Jeffrey
14. Navajo Joe
15. Dopo la Fine
16. Titoli di Coda


Bonus #2: Black Emanuelle

For everyone familiar to the sleaze genre, Joe D'Amato will be a known name. The cinematographer (he worked with, among others, Sergio Leone to that effect) turned director directed his first movie in the early 70s. His career sparked off with the sleazy attemt at cashing in on the popularity of Just Jaeckin's erotic masterpiece Emmanuelle from 1974. Casting Laura Gemser as his lead star, D'Amato made a series of movies in the Black Emanuelle series, dropping an m from the name of Emanuelle for it not to be confused with the french softcore movies. This is sleaze in its purest form, and the most notorious of the titles in the Black Emanuelle series is without doubt Emanuelle in America, from 1977. Containing everything from shockingly authentic-looking (although ofcoursenot real) snuff footage to bestiality involving a woman and a horse, this is ultimately what sleaze is about. The soundtrack, composed by Nico Fidenco, has never been released, short of a compilation of tracks from all Black Emanuelle movies called Black Emanuelle's groove. The title song of Emanuelle in America was recorded by the italian pop group Armonium, and has been a very hard-to-find track. So, folks, here is Black Emanuelle's groove, and, as yet another bonus, Armonium - Celebrate Myself (title song for Emanuelle in America). Enjoy!

1. Emanuelle In America Sweet
2. Sweet Bossa
3. Eternal Anguish
4. Samba Safari
5. A Picture Of Love
6. Sweet Variations
7. Emanuelle's Theme
8. Hawaiian Sand
9. Emanuell In America Theme
10. Kamasutra In Love
11. Rhubarb
12. Unavoidable
13. Emanuelle Nera Orient Reportage
14. Thoughtless
15. A Seeming Man
16. Red Hot Wax
17. Spellbound


Bonus within the bonus:

Armonium - Celebrate Myself (title song from Emanuelle In America)


Bonus #1: Corri, Uomo, Corri (1968)

Well now, Morricone is not alone at composing great scores. I will post a few scores now and then that I believe is worth taking a look at (which is alot!). I will tag those "bonus" posts. :) Continuing the eurowesterns, Bruno Nicolai was a composer/conductor who often performed the music composed by Ennio Morricone. In addition, Nicolai also wrote quite a lot of scores himself, mainly for less known, low(er) budget, "sleazier" movies. This score, for Sergio Sollima's Corri, Uomo, Corri (a.k.a. Run, Man, Run!) from 1968 is one of his best.

1. Espanto en el Corazon
2. Tema Dolores
3. Mulini a Vento
4. Corri, Uomo, Corri
5. Duello
6. Corri, Uomom, Corri (II)
7. Ricerca Dell'oro
8. Fuga Dall'ovest
9. Corri, Uomo Corri (III)
10. Mulini a Vento (II)
11. Americana
12. Duello (II)
13. Tema Dolores (II)
14. Viaggo
15. Ricerca Dell'oro (II)
16. Americana (II)
17. Corri, Uomo, Corri (IV)


Faccia a Faccia (1967)

A.k.a. Face to Face. Tomas Milian goes wild in this eurowestern from one of the masters of the genre; Sergio Sollima, director of such classics as Corri, Uomo, Corri (Run, Man, Run!, 1968 - see next post), which is definitely in my list of eurowestern top-10.

1. Faccia a Faccia - Titoli
2. Preannuncio
3. Misterioso e Ostinato
4. Clandestinamente
5. Faccia a Faccia - Intermezzo
6. Falso Preannuncio
7. Attimi Irripetibili
8. Scatto Conclusivo
9. Faccia a Faccia - Ripresa
10. Seconda Conclusione
11. Disperata Nostalgia
12. Tensione Sottintesa
13. Involuzione Epica
14. Faccia a Faccia - Finale
15. Ballando Sull'aia.mp3
16. Square Dance


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ad Ogni Costo (1967)

A.k.a. Grand Slam. One of the most enjoyable italian heist movies I've seen. Starring the late great Klaus Kinski. Pick the Blue Underground DVD up if you care, its going for very low prices atm.

1. Punto E Basta - Titoli Di Testa
2. Vai Via Malinconia
3. Ad Ogni Costo
4. Vai Via Malinconia
5. In Chiesa
6. Dirgli Solo No
7. Tudo E Nada
8. Voce
9. Ai, Morena
10. Em Fiz Mal Em Dizer


Macchie Solari (1975)

What the heck, I might as well start up with a bit more than just one. Macchie Solari, from 1975, is a quite mediocre giallo from a time when many film makers had moved on from the genre. Never the less, it features a beautiful score. The last track in this particular download link is a quite rare unreleased cue, and I want to thank a certain person for that. If you read this, you probably know who you are. ;)

1. Macchie Solari
2. Con Voce Strozzata
3. Passaggio Primo
4. Passaggio Secondo
5. Passaggio Terzo
6. Passaggio Quarto
7. Preannuncio
8. Sesso e Potere
9. Sul Filo
10. Ansimando
11. Sibili
12. Macchie Solari (unreleased cue)


Le Clan des Siciliens (1969)

So, let's get this show on the road. First post is the OST for the french flick Le Clan des Siciliens. Starring some of european cinema's greatest stars of the 60s, Alain Delon, Jean Gabin and Lino Ventura. The movie itself is up to par with the stars, but the score is the product of a genious. So here goes.

Tracks (english):
1. Italian Theme
2. Snack Bar
3. The Jewel Show
4. Dialogue Nr 1
5. Jeanne on the Beach
6. Dialogue Nr 2
7. Legoff's Theme
8. Gangster's Theme
9. Italian Theme
10. The Stamps
11. Finale